An enchanting location in the heart of Switzerland

This charming half-timbered 18th century building is located in the vast park of the «Villa Krämerstein», directly on the shore of the Lake of Lucerne. Formerly an adjoining building and farmworkers’ quarters it is now used as an artist’s house. The municipality of Horw, having been the proprietor of the estate «Krämerstein» for some 20 years, had the house restored in 1990 and entrusted a foundation with it. The latter lets it to scientists and persons engaged on the cultural sector intending to combine the «vita activa» with the «vita contemplativa».

The tastefully furnished maisonette provides space for one to two persons. On the ground floor, which is entered via staircase on the outside and an access balcony, there is a living room with a large work-table by the windows facing the lake. The open timber framing provides a view of the kitchen and the entrance hall. On the upper floor there is an art gallery with beds and another work-table. The rooms are heated by the central heating system of the villa; in the living room there is also a heating-stove.

Administration and Reservations

  • «The house by the lake» is administered by a five-member foundation committee that represents the municipality of Horw and the IG Kultur, Lucerne.
  • Reservations can be made as follows:

Gemeindeverwaltung Horw,  Immobilien                                                           Gemeindehausplatz 1, Postfach, CH-6048 Horw                                                                        Tel. + 41 41 349 12 23, hausamsee@horw.ch


Chairman of the foundation committee:
Regula Jeger


Time of Stay/Rental Expense

  • Time of rent: One week up to three months.
  • Rental charge (inclusive of washing laundry and house cleaning) Fr. 570.- per week. During the months of November/December and January/February the charge is Fr. 470.– per week.

The committee may invite guests for a one-month stay. The local government provides the sponsorship for one guest each year.

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